I cannot stay here, I cannot leave...
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I'm not a clone of an imitation, I'm the imitated one, the misunderstood. I'm the riddle you won't solve, the game you can't play, the puzzle you won't put together.


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I'd promised you a heart, you'd promise to keep.
Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep.

The girl...

x Annika
x Or: Dodo, Nüsschen, Ännchen, Anschki
x 14 years (21.04.1992)
x Bluegreengrey eyes
x 1,62 m small -_-
x Vienna, Austria 
x Rocks your socks 
x Shy
x Straight
x Single x $1,782,826 worth

Her likes...

x Emos
x Scene Kids
x English
x Music
x Polka-Dots
x Stripes
x Chucks (she owns 10 pairs)
x Stars
x Her 'x'
x Her horse Aradis
x Tight jeans
x Red Bull

Her hates...

x Prolos
x Gabbas
x Nazis
x Specific humans
x Homework
x Homophobia
x Nachmacher

Her music...

x Ohrgasmus 

Her soulmates...

x Juu Schäfchen
x Christian
x Bruno
x Nadja


x Mail: aesthetic_vengeance@gmx.at
x Mobile-Phone: [available]
x MSN: [available]
x Skype: [available]
x Vampirefreaks.com: Aesthetic_Vengeance
x Emopunk.net: annika.is.dead
x Knuddels.at: No Fear 92 und Aesthetic
other people are fakes

x Test =]

x To do...

x Handschrift

x Namensorakel

x Aradis

x Friends

Zu stark um liegen zu bleiben aber zu schwach um nocheinmal aufzustehen.